Sunday, May 27, 2018

Kentucky Derby Weekend 2018

For Christmas last year one of my gifts from Dave was a big hat with two tickets to the Kentucky Derby included. I had told him a while back that it was on my bucket list and he allowed me to check it off.

We flew to Indianapolis on Thursday night May 3rd. We arrived at 1am local time and left the next morning to drive to Louisville so we didn't have much time in Indy.
Downtown Indianapolis
We stopped at this cute little coffee shop in Columbus, Indiana (thank goodness for Google maps).
My first time in Kentucky.
On Friday at Churchill Downs was the Kentucky Oaks, which is a race for 3-year-old fillies. This was included as part of the derby ticket so we decided to go to the race. I'm so glad we did - it was a perfect day weather-wise and it wasn't too crowded.
Right before the race they had a parade of breast cancer survivors so pink was the color of the day.
We were staying in Lexington and we found this local, grass-fed burger place for dinner.
Saturday was Derby Day! The weather app had been going back and forth all week between, sunny, cloudy and rain. Well, rain is what it ended up being. And it wasn't just a light drizzle - it was a steady rain. The entire day. This was leaving the parking lot...fortunately there was a guy walking around selling ponchos because we had not read the rules that umbrellas were not permitted through the gates. I also didn't even mess with heels - wore my reefs all day.
At the main entrance.

We started the day in the infield - these turf races were so fun to watch from the infield because the horses were so close. You could hear how loud they were when they ran by and feel the ground shake.
After walking around the infield for a while we saw a tunnel that took us out to the paddock area (where the horses prep for the race). It was much more civilized out in this area so we spent the remainder of the day here.
We wagered $20 each on two horses - I picked Magnum Moon and Dave picked My Boy Jack.
We stood in the rain and watched a few races and then we decided to go under cover for a while.

We had a mint julep while we were waiting...couldn't do the Derby without one.
We lined up here a couple of hours before the Derby race (there were a series of races that day and the Derby was one of the last).
Justify before he went out to race. At this point he is on his way to a Triple Crown if he wins at Belmont in a few weeks.
Dave's horse My Boy Jack
This was my horse, Magnum Moon.
The screen that can be seen in the picture above is where they broadcast the actual race for those in this viewing area. It was so much fun to watch with everyone and hear the crowds cheering for the horses. Even though it was the wettest Derby day on record it was still a fun time...when we got back to the car our pants were soaked (even with the poncho) and mine had mud spots all over them (which fortunately came out in the wash).
This was our horse farm Airbnb in Lexington.

It was beautiful and I loved all the horses.
We did breakfast in Lexington Sunday morning and stopped here for a coffee for the road.
We drove from Lexington, through Cincinnati and then to Indianapolis. As we were approaching the airport we got a notification that our flight was delayed. So...Dave drove us here.
We toured the Indy Museum and then headed to the airport.
This was such a fun weekend of pageantry, horses and tradition. And I got to experience it all with my best friend - thanks to DH for making it all happen!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Newport Beach - March 28-31, 2018

We were at Newport Beach the last few days. Dave planned this trip for his kids' spring break. We left Wednesday morning and arrived at the beach by about 4pm. We just walked out to Newport Pier and then Dave and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things to cook dinner.
Thursday morning Kayleigh, Akayla, Dave and I walked to get coffee from Newport Coffee Company.
Since we were just in Iceland, Dave and I both did some work on Thursday. Dave had a fuller work day than I did on Thursday so I took the younger boys out walking around for while. This is a statue of Ben Carlson, and I looked him up today on our drive home and he died in 2014 rescuing someone. 
Jackson and CJ also wanted a donut on our walk back. This is the local donut bakery that is constantly busy.
Thursday during lunch I came out to the beach and did some reading and took a short nap.
Thursday afternoon we made a stop at Pressed Juicery and then to Sprouts again to get dinner items for Thursday night.
We waited to cook dinner until after the sunset Thursday.
It was still pretty cold in March - we were in sweatshirts to watch the sunset.
It was a beautiful sunset and it's good we watched this one because Friday night was cloudy/foggy so there really wasn't a sunset.
Friday morning I got up and went for about a 2-3 mile run (I didn't have my app going) - I ran for 12 minutes and then did 8 minutes of walking lunges and then ran back to where I started and did another 8 minutes of walking lunges.
Friday started out by being sunny by about 9am, but a couple of hours later it was cloudy again. Dave and I walked with Jackson and CJ to get a coffee and continued walking south of the pier to this playground.

I splurged and had a donut...
...worth the calories and the gluten :)
Dave and Jackson played a little Smashball.
Jackson said this was his favorite part of the trip.
On Friday afternoon, since it was Good Friday and we weren't in Phoenix to go to New City, we went to a Good Friday service at Mariner's Church.
Friday night we cooked dinner at the Airbnb and then drove to Huntington Beach for dessert. The kids were there earlier in the day and said there were a bunch of dessert places and wanted to go back. This is a gelato popsicle - mine was plain, but everyone else got theirs dipped.

Saturday morning was super foggy - this picture was pretty close to the pier and you couldn't see it at all.
All the seagulls waiting outside the Dory Fish Market.
The pelican wanted some fish. As I was taking this picture someone told me to be careful that these things will attack. 
Last morning for local Newport coffee (on this trip).
The girls eating their donuts on our patio.
My and Dave's breakfast of eggs, tomatoes, fruit and toast.
We checked out at 10am and headed back to Phoenix. It was a fun trip and hopefully one that the kids will remember for a long time of fun times on spring break.