Sunday, July 2, 2017


I was in Chicago June 22nd-26th. Dave had a Deloitte construction accounting CPE in Chicago the week of the 26th so we did a weekend there prior to the conference. We arrived late Thursday night (actually midnight Friday) and took an uber to our Airbnb in the city. Since we had a late night we didn't get an early start on Friday morning.

Breakfast was at Goddess and the Baker - great little local coffee shop and bakery.
We stayed across the street from Millennium Park so our first stop was to see the Bean.
Buckingham Fountain

We spent pretty much the entire day at the Shedd Aquarium on Friday. It was quite amazing. One thing I have been more cognizant about since my visit is my use of drinking straws. I learned that these are dangerous to animals and they injure a lot of animals each year. For example, sea turtles can get them stuck in their noses. Americans use an estimated 500 million straws a day so I am trying to do my part to reduce this impact.
Touching stingrays

These were my favorite - the Beluga whales
Microspot morph poison dart frogs
The Phoenix Suns fish (not the official name)
View of Chicago from the Shedd Aquarium
Same shot, different angle appears I am pushing Jackson out of the way but I didn't touch him at all :)
The Willis Tower

The Farmhouse - farm to table for dinner Friday night
The Canal
At dinner we talked of getting gelato. After searching for gelato restaurants, the one that came up as the closest and on our walk back was Frost. We decided to go with what we knew and this one was on the River Walk so a great location.
Saturday morning Dave and I got up early to do a 7am free Pilates class in Millennium Park. We didn't have yoga mats, but I figured we didn't really need it. Well, we got there and the grass was sopping wet. I asked the instructor if we were doing more standing work for class or if it was going to be on the ground and she said mostly on the ground. So, we skipped class and walked along Lake Michigan instead.

The Bean with no one around - one of the perks of being out super early on a Saturday.
I liked this one with the reflection of Chicago.
The amphitheater in Millennium Park
Another view from the park
Lake Michigan with Navy Pier in the background

The kids weren't a fan of breakfast on Friday, so Dave and I went and got breakfast after our walk before the kids were even up (they had McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts instead which I was happy to pass on :).
Saturday started with a trip to the top of the Willis Tower

You can't see it well, but we were standing on a clear glass bottom overlook of Chicago.

After Willis Tower we ubered to the Lincoln Park Zoo and spent the afternoon there.
The building our Airbnb was in - 14th floor on the corner of Washington and Michigan.

Saturday night Dave got tickets to go to the Chicago Fire MLS game. It took us over an hour and a half in an uber to get there, but it was a fun time once we were finally there. Getting an uber back after the game was an adventure too.
Sunday we did the Field Museum - it was ok, but that was more of a "one and done" for me.

Sunday night dinner was at The Kitchen. Another farm to table restaurant that Dave had researched and planned prior to us even going to Chicago.
After dinner we walked to Navy Pier and rode the Ferris wheel.

We rode right at dusk so we had some nice views.

Monday morning was breakfast at Wildberry Cafe and I took a few last pictures in the park before heading to the airport.
This is the Crown Fountain

It had many years since I was in Chicago so it was fun to be back. I always enjoy being in a big city, especially in the summer.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Uriah's 3rd Birthday

Today, June 4th, is Uriah's 3rd Birthday, but we celebrated yesterday with a train-themed pool party.
Grandpa and Owen - Owen is the most laid back, mellow baby

This is the boy that made me an aunt - he will always have a special place in my heart. I think he is the sweetest.
Warming up after being in the pool - yes, even in 100+ temps in AZ it still gets cold in the pool :)

Kellyn and I made this cake based on a Pinterest post. The Pinterest cake we followed was done by a professional, but we thought our cake turned out pretty well. We were happy it wasn't a #PinterestFail.
Uriah eating his food colored frosting - I guess you can do this once a year on your birthday.
Uriah and his friends - Ava, Matthew and Elijah
Opening gifts

Owen was awake for maybe the first hour of the party, but this is how he spent the rest of the day - napping and swinging.
The years go by so fast and I can't believe Uriah is already 3! But am thankful I get to see him often and watch him grow up. I love you Uriah.