Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sam - My Expensive Cat

I have had the cats for just about 4 months now, and Sam has turned out to be one expensive kitty. I took both Otis and Sam to the vet for a general check-up a few weeks after I got them back in May. The vet said they both looked good, with the exception of Sam's teeth which needed a major cleaning. I took Sam back in July for the cleaning which is a very pricey procedure. When I took her to the vet they called on the loud speaker and said "Sam is here for surgery." I explained to them that no, she was not there for surgery, just a teeth cleaning. They said that they refer to teeth cleaning as surgery because they go through the sam process with IV and anesthesia as they would with surgery. While I had her in that day I also asked them to check out a growth on her back (which they removed and biopsied but it ended up being nothing).

Here are some pictures of her wounds:

A little groggy from the anesthesia
Her stitches in her back
When the vet was completing the pre-op tests before her teeth cleaning, the vet told me that her kidney levels were slightly elevated and that I might want to have them re-tested in a couple of weeks. I immediately thought "kidney failure" as that is what we lost Cedric to, but the vet assured me that this was not kidney failure, possibly just an infection. So, being the good cat parent that I am, I took her back a few weeks later and everything is fine. She now has a sore on her chest which I had the vet look at when I had her in for the kidney test. He gave her some antibiotics, but she has finished those and the sore on her chest is still there. I am not worried about it as she seems to be fine.

She can be a lovable cat when she wants to be
Hiding in a box
Helping me with my scrapbooks
I can't do a whole post about Sam without including a picture of Otis - he is doing great.

Fatty Otis :)

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