Saturday, August 30, 2008

Millsaps' Kids - July 25 - 27

The Millsaps' kids (Alexi, Mack and Mikalie) usually come to Phoenix every summer to spend some time with each set of grandparents. This year, I promised Alexi we would hang out at the condo and that she could spend a weekend with me. I didn't want to leave Mack and Mikalie out so I invited them over for a night too.

I picked up Alexi on Friday after work. Diahann actually ended up being in town that weekend too for work so we hung out at the condo for a while before going to Stax with Diahann.

Playing Rockband
Alexi is almost as tall as me!
Stax - Alexi has sweet potato fries in her mouth - those are yummy
Alexi spent the night on Friday night, and then on Saturday we went and picked up the other two for a day at Sunsplash. There are no water parks in Albuquerque so they all had a blast. Sunsplash has definitely become more ghetto since I was there as a kid. The Master Blaster was a fan favorite, as was The Cauldron. Mack and Mikalie really liked the Bonzai.

We were at Sunsplash by about 10:30am (it opened at 10) and the kids were still going at close (8pm). At 7:45, Alexi said "If we hurry, we can ride 3 more rides in 15 minutes!" The kids had Taco Bell for dinner and then we came back to the condo for showers.

Mikalie after her shower
I had promised them gelato earlier in the day, so we headed to The Gelato Spot in Old Town in pajamas (not me, just the kids :)

Mack and Alexi
Mikalie and I
Hanging out in their pajamas
After gelato, the movie of choice was Elf. It took me about 5 minutes to get the movie going, and I looked back to the couches and everyone was sleeping - I guess 10 hours in the sun wore them out.

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