Tuesday, September 19, 2006

QotD: The Best Part of Summer '06?

What was the highlight of your summer?

This past summer could be considered "uneventful" compared to summer of '05 when I traveled to Alaska and then one week later left for a three-week backpacking adventure through western Europe. However, I was able to travel in '06, and I would say the highlight of one of my NYC trips was walking Manhattan in a day. We started in the Bronx at 225th Street and finished 5 hours later at Battery Park.


Kristin said...

Jennifer Paige wrote: Sep 19, 2006 Reply
And to think we did it in less than 6 hours :-) Next time let's walk across the island East to West! Miss ya girly!

Kristin said...

KBAD wrote: Sep 24, 2006 Reply
[this is good]How cute are you girls! And how accomplished! Wish I could have been there!