Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 - Ten Years Later

On September 11, 2001 I was just starting my senior year of college. I woke up early that morning to the phone ringing numerous times. I still lived at home at the time, and I thought something was wrong with one of my Grandma's. I went inside the house (my bedroom was in the guest house) and all the TVs were on. I don't remember exactly what time I started watching. I know that both planes had hit each of the WTC towers, but I can't remember if one or both towers were still standing. I do know at least one was still standing. At that point in time I had never been to NYC, so I had no reference point. I knew of New York City, but I didn't really know the boroughs, let alone what they meant when they were talking about Lower Manhattan on the news. I do remember watching the news most of that day. I think I went to the Hudgens' that morning, and then I had classes in the afternoon. All of my classes were cancelled, so I spent the afternoon in the MU watching the news (along with the rest of ASU).

Fast forward to 10 years later, and I have lived in NYC for about 3 years. After this last week of all the news coverage, I feel like this re-living of the 9/11 attacks are almost more real to me than 10 years ago.

I went to church this morning, and our pastor stopped the service at 9:59am and 10:29am for a moment of silence for the collapse of the South and North Towers, respectively. He also asked how many people lived in NYC in 2001, and only about 3 people raised their hand (out of about 100). After church I decided to go walk around the City and see the 9/11 events and memorials.

This is the fire station in my neighborhood (on 85th and Lex). They lost 9 firefighters on 9/11/01.

Then I went to the fire station at 48th and 8th Ave, known as the "Pride of Midtown." This fire station was the hardest hit station on 9/11/01 - it lost 15 firefighters (the entire crew that was on duty that morning).
All of the flags were at half mast.

This was in Times Square.
This was on 42nd between 6th and 7th. They were searching every car before entering Times Square.
My next stop was Bryant Park. This sign explains the pictures that follow.

Grand Central Station had extra security today (as it has had all week).
Next I decided to go down to Ground Zero. I wasn't planning to go all the way to Lower Manhattan, but I was on the train to Union Square and this was only 2 stops further. This is St. Paul's Church...the towers were across the street from this church (to the left of the picture).
Inside the church they were handing out white ribbons to tie on the fence. After 9/11, these fences were covered with pictures of people missing after the attacks.

At dusk tonight I went with one of my friends from church over to Jersey City to take some pictures of the Tribute in Light. He has a car, so we were able to avoid public transportation and get to a good location for viewing. He is also a professional photographer, so he was able to give me some good tips.

It has been a memorable day to see these memorials and events.


Valerie Spadea Ruiz said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures.

Eric said...

What a day - taking in everything the city had to say about the anniversary. Thanks for sharing!

Mom said...

very nice Kristin--made me cry to think of everything that happened in NYC on September 11, 2001. We live in a great country and I thank God for those that lost their lives that day and every day to protect me.

Kellyn said...

Those are some pretty sweet pictures of the lights...they look professional :)

Laura said...

Wow amazing walk through manhattan! Thanks for capturing this!