Friday, June 1, 2012


Trying to get somewhat caught up on this blog...

For Mother's Day, Kellyn and I took my parents to Disneyland (counted as Father's Day as well). My parents had not been to Disney for many, many years, so we thought it would be fun. Plus, we all have flight benefits at this point so it was easy and quick to get over there.
 Captain EO was back. I vaguely remember it from the 80s.
 The new Buzz Lightyear Ride.

 Tressa Hudgens was in Fantasmic that night - here she is Alice.
 Space Mountain was the best ride! 
 Disney was fun, but I prefer the big coasters :)

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Janis said...

It was very fun and a great Mother's/Father's Day gift. It was nice to spend time with you and Kellyn. I wish Kyle could have been there--next time!!!