Monday, October 22, 2012

Neon Run!

This is out of order, but since I have not yet edited all my Rome pictures, nor have Kellyn and I even swapped pictures, I thought I would at least blog some more recent events.

This past Saturday night I ran the Neon Splash Dash with some friends from bootcamp. This was more of a fun run as it was not timed, and there were a lot of walkers. Kellyn, Amanda and I pretty much ran the entire way, except in the splash zones. There were 4 different splash zones, and those were just like what they sound like - splash zones :)

Finish line - this was taken before we started.
 Amanda, Kellyn & I - pre-race
This was our entire group pre-race. Notice our white shirts.
Amanda, Kellyn & I just after we finished. 
 The four different splash zones were yellow, green, blue and red.

 Everyone is colored - Dianna, Ellie, John, Feryal, Me, Kellyn & Amanda.

It was a fun run and I am excited for running season again! 

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