Saturday, September 27, 2014

Europe Trip 2014

My friends Scott and Julie from KPMG are living in Waterloo, Belguim while Scott does about a 3 year international rotation with his company. They have been in Europe for almost a year now, and about 6 months ago we started making plans for me to come over and visit them. I left Phoenix on the night of September 17th on the British Airways flight that is direct from Phoenix to London. This was my first time in a while that I flew international in the back of the plane. Fortunately though, the BA flight attendants were generous with the wine. 
I connected through London Heathrow to Brussels and arrived at BRU on Thursday night, September 18th at 6:40pm local time. Julie picked me up at the airport and we went to a local Italian restaurant in their neighborhood. I was happy to arrive in Europe at night and be able to go to bed…it was much better than arriving in the morning and having to be on the go all day.

On Friday morning I slept in while Julie took all the kids to school and daycare (called the creche in French). We then went to "downtown" Waterloo for lunch and walked around before the kids needed to be picked up.
Scott was flying in from work travel on Friday night, so Julie and I took the train to downtown Brussels to meet him for dinner. The drivers in Brussels are crazy so Julie didn't want to drive to Brussels - I don't blame her - I wouldn't have even driven in their little town - lots of weird driving rules there - like priority on the right.
This is the Grand Place.

And this is the Manneken Pis.
We then had dinner at Houtsiplou…the picture there turned out terrible because the waitress took it from far away - I think she was more focused on getting our feet than our faces.

Friday night we went back and packed and Julie and I flew out to Vienna very early Saturday morning.

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