Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Rest of the Europe Trip

On the last two days of my trip, I hung out in Waterloo just doing random things...aka normal, everyday life for the Cripps.

Brady with his iPad - he loves Minecraft and You Tube videos showing how to build things in Minecraft - it is way over my head :)
Brady was excited about some chocolate eggs with prizes in them that Julie brought back to him from Austria (well, the airport in Vienna).
Reagan and Scott - you can't tell from this picture, but Reagan is Scott's mini me - she looks a lot like him.
Julie and Reagan petting the goats. We went to this park/zoo place and walked around there for a while with Reagan on Wednesday morning. It was a huge place, so we walked along what we thought was a path inside the park. Turns out we must have left the park property, because this guy came and closed a gate literally two minutes after we walked through it. So, we had to walk all the way around the property back to the car.
Playing with bubbles and dancing around to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
Reagan, Brady and Addi - prior to this trip, I had only ever seen Brady - Addi and Reagan were both born after my last visit to the Cripps in Toledo.
On Thursday I watched Reagan for a couple of hours - she really enjoyed her lunch :)
This is a picture looking out from their kitchen - I think they have a pretty amazing backyard.

Thanks Scott and Julie for letting me come to Europe to visit you. I had a great time and you know you are good friends with someone when you can hang out after 3 years have passed and still be able to have a good time and great conversation. Maybe I will be back to visit you in Europe before your rotation is over??? :)

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