Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Resolutions

Last night I ended up having a really quiet New Years Eve. I went to an early dinner with my family at Beckett's Table, and I came home after that and stayed home for the night. None of my friends ended up having a party at their house (at least that I was invited to) and a couple of friends were out in Scottsdale but I didn't feel like going out in the crowds and trying to talk to people in a bar. #old, I know :) I enjoyed my night at home - did some reading, tried to do a Starbucks run (it was closed) and watched New Years in Times Square on TV. I did make it up until midnight, but was in bed shortly after.

Uriah on his first NYE - hence the reason we did dinner at 5pm. He was very well behaved during dinner though.
Having a glass of wine to ring in the new year.
Me, Coby, Kellyn, Uriah, Mom and Dad - just missing Kyle.
I have never noticed that the restaurant door handle said "come together" - I thought this was fitting for my "intentionality" resolution for 2015.

Since I had time at home last night, I wrote out my resolutions for 2015, listed as follows in no particular order:
1. Don't eat any wheat.
2. Make Jesus the first person I talk to and the Bible the first thing I read everyday (thanks Brian Kruckenberg for the idea).
3. Travel out of the country at least once (i.e. use my passport).
4. Have at least one "purposeful or intentional" meal per month.
5. Finish my 2009 scrapbook and complete 2010.
6. Keep files organized at home.
7. Limit iced lattes to once a week (on weekdays) and Starbucks to FKF only.
8. Try to get abs for the summer.
9. Keep up with AZ Institute for Faith and Work (Gotham) readings and not only gain head knowledge but also have it change the way I live my life.
10. Strengthen friendships with people that are life-giving.
11. Don't crack my iPhone screen.

Some of the above are serious, some are more for fun. Here's to 2015...

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