Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas this year was pretty standard compared to Christmases past. 

I went to the Christmas Eve service at New City Church.
The Kruckenberg family.
Faith, Bella, Gina and I.
I chose to bring a cheese board for the Horton Christmas Eve.
I thought it turned out well.
My Aunt Colleen bought a new home this year so she hosted Christmas Eve.
Eric, Brett, Lindsay, Jocelyn, Tyler and Shane.
Uriah was not a fan of Santa this year - even though the Santa in these pictures is his Grandpa Sam Hiatt. Below is the progression of pics.

Erin and I used the opportunity to get our picture with Santa.
Uriah is always up for a selfie with me.
Christmas morning I slept in a little before hiking Camelback and seeing Camelback Santa.
Looking northwest from the top of Camelback.
We started Christmas Day at mom and dad's at 3pm.

I found this 3-wheeler at Costco a couple of months ago and thought it would be a good first bike for Uriah.
He's still a little small for it but I am sure he will be riding in the next 6 months.
Dad helped Uriah open the first present so Uriah thought Grandpa was the present opener. Whenever he got a present he would take it to my dad.
Reading to Uriah about NYC.
Uriah's gifts from my Mom and Dad - recycled Fisher Price toys from the 1980s.
The door on the barn still "moo's" when you open it, although when I was a kid it seemed much louder.
I can't believe Mom saved all these, but Uriah enjoyed playing with them.
Mom and Dad with their gift...a cruise from me and flights from Kyle, Kellyn, Coby and Uriah.
Dinner group selfie.
Reading books to Uriah after dinner.
And finally watching Elf with Uriah...he had too much Christmas fun.

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Unknown said...

A very blessed, joyous family Christmas!