Saturday, August 6, 2016

Payson Day Trip - August

Today I drove up to Payson to spend the day with some of my favorites, the Bengerts. We hung out in the cool(er) weather and picked (and ate) a bunch of blackberries.

Jason took us for a "splash and dash" ride around the neighborhood.
This is the creek right in front of their cabin.
Jason and Michael with Jason's real-life tractor.

So many blackberries!

Lauren and I had made our way into the blackberry bush - they have so many thorns.
Molly was the basket holder...although I think she also ate a lot of them too, as you can tell from her face.
Such a great day trip to be able to drive 1.5 hours north and lose 20 degrees off the temperature. Next time will plan further ahead and stay the night.

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