Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend 2016

The 4-day weekend for Thanksgiving has become one of my favorites. Lots of time spent with family and friends for fun and relaxation.

Thanksgiving morning started out early with the Turkey Day 5K in downtown Phoenix. This was my 5th year in a row running this race, and the 3rd year of our "Friendsgiving" brunch after the run.
Dave and his kids ran this year
Bella and Kylie
Gina, Amy and I - I actually want both buns of steel AND buns of cinnamon :)
Kyle was a newcomer to the race this year too
Our entire has grown over the past few years
Ready to run!

Kyle and I at the finish line. Kyle passed me at about the .5 mile mark, and I stayed behind him the rest of the race without his knowledge. I let him know I was there right before we got to the finish line so we finished together.
My time this year was 25:59 which was an 8:22 min/mile. I got 6th overall in my age group. BODI is working :)
Finished! Now off to brunch...
I don't know these girls but I thought their costume was creative

Brunch at the Kruckenberg's...Brian was the barista (again)
Such a great day in Phoenix to be outside
I stayed at brunch until about noon, and then came home to get ready to go to Kevin & Jocelyn's for family Thanksgiving. I gave Otis and Sam a turkey dinner snack since it was Thanksgiving.
Uriah and I relaxing in our food coma's
My cousin Eric brought this virtual reality game and Dad "rode" a roller coaster. You can ask him how that ended :)
On Friday afternoon I went to the ASU vs UofA game in Tucson. 

The game did not turn out well for ASU (we lost) but it was still a fun night! And I got my picture with Sparky.
On Saturday afternoon we went down to PHX Flea - it was a good event, however, my annoyance with downtown Phoenix is that it is not easy to be there on a weekend (specifically in regards to parking). The city is trying to get more people downtown and to build restaurant/store presence, but it cost us $12 to park yesterday to go to this market (and then it was a $5 entrance fee per person). If they want more people to come downtown on the weekends, parking should be free!
Finally, today after church and LGO we went to the car show downtown (but today we found a cheaper lot so parking was 'only' $8).
It was cloudy and cold (for Phoenix) the last two days so it makes it feel like Christmas now.

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