Monday, December 26, 2016

Europe 2016 - Malta Day 2

On day 2 in Malta we started the day at the Sunday Fish Market in Marsaxlokk. The market consists primarily of fish that was caught in the Mediterranean during the same morning, but also sells locally produced honey, fruit jams, vegetables, souvenirs and clothes. The market is right where all the brightly colored fishing boats are anchored.

I bought some Maltese honey.

Allen bought breakfast at the market.

More brightly colored doors...
We then went to St. Peter's Pool, which is a natural pool and supposedly a popular place with the locals.
The water was so clear.

Allen and I both cliff jumped from this spot. I wasn't going to but Allen talked me into it and I am so happy I did...would have regretted it if I didn't jump.
We stayed at St. Peter's Pool for an hour, maybe two. It was in a secluded place and roads were not great to the pool, so you had to park and walk for a bit. Once we got back to our car (which was parked in this family's backyard who we paid a couple of euros to park) we drove to the opposite side of the island to catch a ferry to Comino.
There were lots of jellyfish in the water where we were waiting for the ferry.
On the ferry to Comino.

Comino - this is a small island and a popular tourist spot so it was extremely busy.
The water was beautiful though.

This was our spot where we hung out for the afternoon.

On the ferry back to Malta.

We got back to our place and got cleaned up and walked to dinner again. We both had seafood that was most likely from the Marsaxlokk market. I had Mediterranean sea bass and I forget the kind of fish Allen had. Mine was very similar to branzino (maybe the exact same thing) except I had to de-bone it and eat around the head - I like it better when the kitchen does that for me :)
And finally since this was our last night in Malta we stopped again for gelato.

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