Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving this year we continued our tradition of running the downtown Phoenix Turkey Trot - this was my 7th year in a row of doing this. It is a fun little run and I also feel good about getting a sweat in before indulging in Thanksgiving dinner.

Amy, Gina and I
Dave and I
Finished! This was the first year they handed out medals.

My results. Not my best time, but my place standings continue to go up the older I get. I guess the competition gets easier :)
After the run we went to the Brown's for the Krown Thanksgiving Brunch. Brian made me a latte.
We didn't stay long at brunch as we needed to get home and shower before heading up to Prescott with Dave's family for Thanksgiving dinner.
Dave and I ended the day making popcorn and watching a movie at home.

Sunday, December 2, 2018


My birthday this year started with a 5am BODI Sweat workout with Kellyn. She had never been to a 5am class before so she surprised me by showing up that early to the gym. It felt great starting the next year of my life with a good workout and even more fun to workout with Kellyn!
I came home and got ready for work and Dave made me eggs and fruit for breakfast. He also went and got the mail and in it was my first ever daughter-in-law card.
I got to drive a fun car to work...
...with a stop at Starbucks first for a free birthday drink.
My parents took me to lunch at Liberty Market in Gilbert and Kellyn and the boys came too. Uriah made me a birthday card and told me this is a picture of a "windstorm."
Kellyn had Owen dressed in the "Awesome Like my Auntie" onesie. Uriah wore this same outfit for my 36th birthday.
(Throwback pic to 3 years prior.)
Family pic in downtown Gilbert.
After lunch I went back to work and then came home to Dave cooking fajitas for dinner. That is my favorite meal that he cooks, and I especially like it now that there are the Siete grain free tortilla chips and coconut flour tortillas. After dinner we went to That's Amore for dessert - the owners are Italian and they make the best gelato!
On the Saturday after my birthday Dave planned a dinner for a few friends at Pomelo.

And finally, the Tuesday after my birthday we went to True Food for a free birthday dessert. I am so glad my birthday falls when they have the squash pie in favorite (and they make it GF)!
All in all a great birthday. I don't know how it is already my last year of my thirties, but am thankful for another year of life. #thebestisyettocome

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Honeymoon Day 1

Tuesday was the first full day at the Seafire Resort in Grand Cayman. There was the remnants of a hurricane that was passing through the island, so it was rainy off and on. The locals kept apologizing to us for the rain, but coming from the endless sun in AZ we didn't mind a little rain.

We got up for a BeachFit class at 9am. We ended up being the only ones in the class so it was a personal training session (which is what happened every day for workouts).
Look closely to spot the lizard in this picture.
This was our breakfast view every day.
Storm view from our hotel balcony.
I ran into friends Nathan and Elina from NYC. Every night the hotel hosted happy hour, and we were walking through the lobby on Tuesday night and I was like I know the people singing and playing guitar. Small world.
Sunset views.

We had dinner (taco Tuesday) at Coccoloba which was a restaurant at the resort. It had started pouring again so it was enjoyable sitting in there looking out at the rainy ocean.
The drinks were soooo good :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Honeymoon Day Negative 1 and Day Zero

Thought I should get our honeymoon blogged so when I go to scrapbook it years from now I will remember details...

We stayed at the Arizona Biltmore the night after our wedding and then again Sunday night before going to the airport to begin our honeymoon adventures.
This is the courtyard at the hotel. It was still extremely hot in Arizona that weekend (hotter than normal actually).
On Sunday night we had dinner at The Twisted Grove and then had gelato for dessert.
The front of the Biltmore hotel.

Our room for our two nights.
Saying goodbye to the Biltmore and heading to the airport.
We flew on Monday morning September 17th from PHX to MIA to GCI. This was around 8pm local time when we landed at Owen Roberts International Airport in Grand Cayman.

We stayed at the Seafire Resort and it was so nice.

The hotel gave us champagne when they found out it was our honeymoon.
Room service when we arrived at the hotel - salad and mahi mahi sandwich with a creme brûlée for dessert.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

July 4th 2018

Blogging is getting away from me this year...too much wedding planning :) But, this blog has been so useful in helping to remember details - I just finished scrapbooking 2008 and often referenced blog posts from that time frame for details.

The Fourth of July fell on a Wednesday this year, so there really wasn't a long weekend for the Fourth. On Tuesday night (July 3), Dave made reservations for he and I, and Gibson and Jackson at Toro. The Scottsdale Princess was hosting a Freedom Fest with music and fireworks and to get in you either had to be a hotel guest or dine at one of their restaurants. We had never been to Toro (I had never even heard of it), but it was excellent!

On the actual day, Mom again hosted a party and fireworks. This is her favorite holiday, and the backyard and location of the house is perfect for viewing the AZ Country Club fireworks.

My favorite nephews - Owen and Uriah
My favorite fiancee - DH
Eating dinner
Uriah telling Jackson "you have to go swimming with me now!"
Dad and Owen
Colby and Uriah
Owen was done swimming and I don't know what Dave is doing :)
Kyle setting off fireworks in memory of Grandma Hazel. She bought a bunch of fireworks for July 4th 2013 and we have done them for her every year since then.
Red, white and blue popsicles. I used a recipe from Against All Grain and it actually turned out quite well. The red is strawberries, white is coconut milk and blue is blueberries. These will make another appearance in the future.
Me, Mom and Kellyn
Ending the night with some sparklers