Saturday, May 12, 2007

Otis and Sam

I now have two cats as of yesterday. A few months ago we found a cat named Otis wandering around our yard and subsequently found his owners (see February post titled "Otis"). Well, yesterday his owner lady stopped by and knocked on the door. My dad happened to be home and answered the door and she said that she was taking Otis to the pound but did we want him. She also said that she had another cat that she was also taking to the pound. My dad said that we would call her later but she said that she was going home right then to get the cats and either driving them to our house or to the pound. So, long story short, she brought the cats here. In the last three months, Otis has probably gained 10 pounds - he will be going on a diet. From our understanding in talking to her, these cats have been tied to a stake outside for the last three months and she was getting rid of them because it is too hot outside. Otis has definitely changed since we had him last and we think that it is due to poor treatment. Sam is a skiddish cat but again, it is most likely due to not having any love from people and being tied to that stake. We are keeping the cats in the guest house since we have Zoe inside (we would not have had Zoe if it hadn't been for Otis - also see previous "Zoe" post). When I buy a house (hopefully in the near future - there are a couple that I really like) then I will take Otis and Sam with me. Sam may get a name change to Jaxon - he just doesn't look like a "Sam" to me.


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Kristin said...

[this is good] both are adorable!

Posted by: Bobby's Girl | 05/23/2007 at 10:48 AM