Sunday, May 4, 2008

Greasewood Flat - Lauren's BD

Yesterday was Lauren's BD - she joined me in the "28" club. We headed up to Greasewood Flat to celebrate her birthday. Greasewood Flat is an outdoor steakhouse with live music. It was the perfect weather to go - cool enough that it was nice to sit by the fire but not too cold. I had a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner - it was Fat Kid Friday. Normally I would have ordered the chicken breast but since I am not eating chicken anymore (more to come on that later this week) I went with the grilled cheese.

W had tried to bring in stuff to make s'mores, but I guess they have changed their rules because they told us that we could not bring it in. After dinner we sat by the fire while the guys played some horseshoe. On our way home we also stopped at The Gelato Spot.

Lauren & Jason (her husband)
My face is still a little fat from the meds
Paul and Jason having cigars
Getting a picture of Lindsay's boots
Group pic - Paul (Lauren's friend), Me, Lindsay (Lauren's sister), Ryan (Lindsay's fiancee), Lauren, Jason
It was a fun night and it is so nice having Lauren back in AZ :)

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