Sunday, April 27, 2008

Country Thunder

Last Saturday, Montana, Aubrey, Kellyn and I made the track to Florence, AZ to attend Country Thunder USA. We had a great time, although we did not really "fit in." We left Montana and Aubrey's at about 11:30am and finally got seated at 3:30pm. First, the I-10 was closed so we had to take a detour through Mesa. Next, our map took us to the center of Florence rather than to the concert. We determined that the address was no recognized in MapQuest so it just defaulted to Florence. We had brought food in a cooler so that we would not have to buy food inside. After we parked, we had some snacks by the car before we walked up to buy tickets and go in. We then got all our stuff together and bought tickets. When we were in the line to enter, we noticed a sign that said "no re-entry privileges." This ruined our plans of having dinner back at the car, so we got out of line, went back to the car, had more food (even though no one was hungry), packed up all of our warm clothes and finally made it in.

We say Bucky Covington, Billy Ray Cyrus and Kellie Pickler. We also saw others but they were kind of "no names." Dierks Bently was the main performer of the night but we left before he came on stage because we were freezing and both Montana and I had to be to church early the next morning.
At the Entrance
View to the stage from our spot
Our spot - notice the bullride tent in the background
Dinner - I really wanted a roasted corn on the cob

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