Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dad's Trip to NYC

I flew out to NYC on November 15th and I only brought a couple of bags with me. Jenn was kind enough to lend me her air mattress, so that is what I slept on for a couple of nights. I spent the next day, Sunday, running around trying to find a futon. After going to 3 futon stores, I was successful in finding one that I liked. I also figured out that Bed, Bath and Beyond in NYC is comparable to Target elsewhere. BBB has the normal stuff you would think they would have, as well as everyday stuff you need. There is one at 61st and 1st, so it is about 20 blocks from my apartment.
Dad decided at the last minute that he was going to use some frequent flier miles and come out for a week to help me get set up. He arrived on Wednesday night and stayed until the next Tuesday. I was so thankful he was able to come out - we got a lot done - more than I could have done myself. Thanks, Dad!
My futon - these are the guys who put it together for me - they are from Dominica in the Caribbean

Dad hanging blinds in my bedroom

This is a table from Bed, Bath & Beyond that Dad put together for me. Notice that he is drinking Starbucks - there is one right on my corner and I think he stopped there every night.

My TV and TV stand. I purchased the TV at Costco in Queens. For some reason, there are no yellow cabs at Costco - I am assuming Costco does not allow them. However, they do have "gypsy cabs" there, meaning that there are guys with vans who will drive you where you need to go. Our driver was from Colombia. The TV stand is from Home Depot, which is at 59th and 3rd. We were able to take a cab home from there with it.

The New York Stock Exchange - I liked the lights.

We were able to go to Grease on Broadway the Saturday night he was here.

Ace Young from American Idol had one of the lead parts.
Hopefully I will get faster at these posts - Blogspot is frustrating me because I can't figure out how to get the pictures in the correct order without uploading the last one first (and even then sometimes it messes up). I feel like all I do is delete and re-insert the images to get them in the right order (that is why this post is dated December 3rd but I am actually posting on December 7th).

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Mikele said...

grab and drag them to where you want them. it's not a perfect system, but alas.

your place looks fabulous and i can't wait to crash on your futon!