Friday, February 13, 2009

That Really Happened

One of my clients has operations in Atlanta, so I have been spending some time there lately.  This client owns a cookie factory, and as part of our audit process, we needed to visit the cookie factory to understand the operations that took place there (and get some cookies).  The client had told us that the factory was not in that great of an area, and to be careful - don't stop to ask for directions, lock the doors, eat lunch before we got close, etc.  So, the seniors and staff picked me up from the airport and we made our way to the cookie factory.  We thought we were going to be dodging bullets to get there, but made it there fine and we were commenting on how we did not really think it was that bad.  We go to leave the cookie factory, and we see what we think is a prostitute in the distance.  As we get closer, we confirmed that yes, she looks like a hooker - short black skirt with go-go boots.  The guy in the car next to us noticed her as well, because he slammed on his brakes and backed up.  That's Atlanta for you I guess.


Mikele said...

Are you sure it wasn't you? Are you wearing boots right now????

Janis said...

Did you get your cookies?