Friday, March 13, 2009

Killing Ourselves to Get the Job Done

Every year during late February/early March, I often question my decision as to why I chose a career in public accounting. The long hours start taking a toll on me, and I start thinking about what the long-term benefit is of working 60-70 hour weeks. On average, I am at work by 9am, and then I come home anytime between 8pm and midnight (every once in a while it will be after midnight, but that is the exception). This is my seventh busy season since starting my career, and this year is quite possibly the worst yet. My largest client this busy season is the most unorganized publicly traded client I have seen. We are working to re-state 2007, file Q1, Q2 and Q3 as well as year-end 2008. Last week the client issued a press release stating that they would be up to date on their filings on March 31, 2008. Even if everyone worked 24 hour days between now and then, they are nowhere close to meeting this deadline. We had an update call with the CFO this morning, and the partner sarcastically said that we would kill ourselves to get the job done. All day I have been thinking, why are we killing ourselves just to get some financial statements filed? This client is in Atlanta, so I have been spending 2-3 days each week in Atlanta for the past 6 weeks. My cats are completely neglected and dying for attention. I flew in from Atlanta tonight at midnight, and will be working all day tomorrow and possibly Sunday. Good times.

I know that God has me in NYC for a reason, but I have yet to understand why I am here. Everyone asks me if I am enjoying the City, and so far I have done nothing here that I could not do in AZ. I am very thankful that in this economy I have a job, but at the same time would like a happy medium. Work better slow down soon, otherwise I am going to go crazy.

Here's to another two, three or four weeks of killing ourselves to get the job done.


Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself, no job is worth your health. Try to enjoy Sunday, take some time for yourself and Otis and Sam.
Love you, Mom

Jocelyn said...

Hang in there, Kristin. So many times projects feel like they're going to kill us when we're in the middle of them. I'll be praying that God gives you a time of peace and quiet even during the chaos. Just think of all the accounts in the Bible of people who were in the middle of chaos. We know how it ends so we're not too worried but I bet Esther, Noah, Moses, Miriam, Gideon and many more felt much the way you do right now.

God is mighty, powerful and has already taken you through some pretty difficult situations. He will care for you during this one too. Everyday, thank the Lord for His many gifts to you; maybe that will help you keep your mind on God's eternal purpose and off the mess you're in right now.

You know Jesus loves you and has gifted you and has promised to carry you through whatever He knows you can bear. We will remember to pray for you everyday that God will give you a special calm, that He'll give you strength and all the wisdom you need to get through each day.

You are a precious, wonderful daughter of the King. That is a glorious position to be in!