Saturday, March 28, 2009


As I was loading pictures onto my computer tonight, I realized that I had forgotten to post Jason and Lauren's weekend visit here at the end of January.  In mid-January, Lauren mentioned that she would possibly be here for work, and if so, did I mind if she stayed the weekend with me.  Of course I didn't mind (especially considering the NUMEROUS times I stayed with here when she lived in the City)!  She did end up making a trip here for work, and Jason found a cheap flight, so he decided to come as well.

On Friday night, we went to Blue Water Grill in Union Square for dinner.  It happened to be Restaurant Week in NYC and J & L invited some of their other NYC friends to dinner.

Ata, Me and Lauren at dinner - Ata lives here but knows Lauren from high school.  NYC Restaurant Week happens twice a year, and during that time participating restaurants have a moderately priced Prix Fixe menu.  I did not even know about Restaurant Week, and I will be participating again in the future.  After dinner, we all went bowling (I can't remember the name of the bowling alley, all I know is that it is in Union Square).

On Saturday, I had to work, and J & L went to their house that they own in New Jersey.  Saturday night, we met up again with some of their friends for dinner at Tony's Di Napoli.  I had been to the Tony's in Times Square before (with Lauren and again with my family).  There is also a Tony's a couple of blocks from my apartment, and this is the one that we went to.  The sangria was a hit, as well as the ice cream sundae.

Sunday we walked around for a while.  Lauren at Pets on Lex with a jack russell - this is the pet store where they adopted their jack, Rooke.  He was a cutie and hopefully he is in a good home.

Doing some shopping at Ann Taylor Loft on Madison Ave.

This fire hydrant had broken and the water looked as though it had frozen in mid-air.  The picture doesn't really do it justice - it was much neater in person.

We had a fun weekend and I think Lauren is coming back in June!  I love having visitors :)


Janis said...

This seems like a long time ago that Jason and Lauren were at your house. It is still fun to see the pictures.

Jennifer Paige Designs said...

How was Blue Water Grill? Should we go back? Lauren looks cute in that.