Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Streets

Summer Streets is an event that goes for three Saturdays in August. The city closes Park Ave. from 72nd Street to the Brooklyn Bridge from 7am to 1pm so people can walk, run and bike the street. Last Friday night, I saw that Laura (a new friend from church) had posted on her Facebook asking if anyone wanted to get up early and walk. I had to work last Saturday so I couldn't do it. I did look it up online and realized that it went for three Saturdays, so Laura and I decided to do it this Saturday. Laura also invited a girl who just moved here from Tokyo - I don't remember her name though.

We got started at 8am - it was a good thing we got an early start as yesterday was a hot, steamy day.
Park Ave. and 72nd Street - our starting point.

Going through the tunnel at about 46th Street

A cool shot of Grand Central Station. There are no sidewalks from where I took these pictures, so the only way to get this close was to have the streets closed down.
Crunch gym put on an aerobics class in the street.
Taking a break - Noah kept looking down when I tried to get a picture of him.
We made it to the Brooklyn Bridge - 6.9 miles total!
It goes for one more Saturday - anyone want to go walk it with me?


Mikele said...

No. But I love you and miss you.

Janis said...

Yes, I would love to walk but Summer Streets will be over on my next trip to NYC.

steve said...

That sounds like so much fun. What a great way to get out and experience New York.