Saturday, August 22, 2009

This & That and some old pictures

I just got home last night from a 4-day training in Orlando. I had a huge hotel room, complete with a dining room table. I could have probably fit 4 or 5 of my apartments in that room. There were 5 people there from the Phoenix office, and I hung out with them every night. Tuesday night was sushi and the gym at the hotel, Wednesday night was shopping at the outlets and Bubba Gump at Universal for dinner and Thursday night everyone came to my hotel room and we ordered in (since I had the dining room table). It was so refreshing to be with some of my Phoenix co-workers.
My dad had surgery to remove his gallbladder on Wednesday. He had not been feeling good for a few weeks prior, and after a doctor's visit and an ultrasound it was determined he had a huge gallstone and surgery was the only way to remove it. He is still in the hospital but should be coming home in the next couple of days.
On August 11th we filed the 2007 10-K/A for the client I have been working on. We still have the 2008 K to be filed, as well as the Q1 and Q2 10-Qs, but at least this was one small accomplishment.
I have finally been getting back into a good routine at the gym. Kellyn's wedding is less than 3 months away, and I need major help before I put on any bridesmaid dress.
Family trip to NYC for New Year's Eve. I have had good intentions to get these pictures posted but hasn't happened yet. So, here you go.

Mom and I in the airport at Phoenix Sky Harbor. I am holding Otis and Mom is holding Sam.

Kellyn and Kyle in Newark airport - Rather than hiring a moving company, I just packed a bunch of suitcases.
Family picture with the Rockefeller Tree. This was New Years' Eve and it was FREEZING!

I bought a new Mac!
Wall Street had Christmas lights as a flag.
Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Museum of Natural History

We saw Altar Boyz on their last night here. It was off-Broadway but still very good - and funny.
More pictures that never got posted - Christmas.

We did a white elephant gift exchange - my dad brought an old TV - this was hilarious.

Christmas morning at Mom and Dad's.

Christmas afternoon at Grandma Hazel's.


steve said...

Great pictures. Congratulations on your new Mac. We have two Macs and one PC. Hopefully next year we can get rid of the last PC and be a totally Mac household.

Janis said...

The winter and Christmas pictures seem like along time ago. Before you know it you will be wearing those winter clothes again.