Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brian and Sun's Visit - September 17 - Day 1

My cousin Brian and his wife, Sun, came to NYC to visit me from September 17 - 20. Brian was in NYC when he was younger, and Sun had never been. I have been working long(er) hours again, so it was a great break for me too. I was able to take 4 FULL days off of work, and didn't get a phone call or an email. I sent the partner an email on Sunday night thanking him for the 4 days. Anyway, back to their visit. They arrived on Thursday morning, and we were in my apartment for no more than 5 minutes before we headed out for the day.

We started out by going to the TKTS booth to get tickets to a Broadway Show - more on that below. It was time for lunch after getting the tickets, so we went to Little Italy. I knew that the San Gennaro Festival was happening, and I wanted to get cannoli's from my favorite bakery.

After Little Italy, we took the subway to Wall Street, and did the downtown sites. We stopped at Trinity Church and I noticed the below tree (or whatever you want to call it) that I had never seen before. This tree was actually the only tree uprooted on 9/11 at St. Paul's Church, which is directly across the street from the WTC. This is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend.
Another picture on Wall Street - I love visiting these same tourist locations with new people :)
And, since I have so many pictures of the front of the Bull on Wall Street, we decided to get a picture of the back of the bull.
This was in the WTC and was moved to Battery Park.
This sculpture is in Battery Park City and the name of it is "Eyes." Sure doesn't look too much like eyes to me :)
Times Square on Thursday night.
The tickets we bought earlier in the day were for Rock of Ages. It was set to 80's rock music, about a "small town girl living in a lonely world" who meets a "city boy, born and raised in south Detroit." It was a fun show, definitely one that I would want to see again.

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It's totally eyes. Where's your mind, dirty girl?