Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

No blog posts in the last couple of weeks means things have been extremely busy for me. After Brian and Sun left, we worked another long week in hopes to get my client's 10-K filed (the original target date was September 22). The 22nd deadline was missed, so everyone was hopeful with a date of the 25th. That was missed as well...ugghh.

My mom and my sister were here from the 25th through the 3oth, but our new target date for filing the 10-K was the 30th, so I did not see much of them. They got in on Friday night, and I worked from 9:30 to 4:30 on Saturday, 10-8 on Sunday, 9-3am on Monday and then 10 to 11pm on Tuesday. I was so mad that I had to work the entire time they were here - good thing both of them were here, at least they could hang out together. We also did not file on the 30th :(

On Wednesday morning, my mom, sister, Otis and Sam and I all flew to Phoenix. I had planned to be there for a week because I had planned this:
Given though that we did not file, I was asked to return to NYC last Sunday so my trip was cut from a week to only 4 days. I got back to my apartment on Sunday night at 11pm, worked Monday until about 3:30am and then we finally filed the 10-K yesterday at 5pm. We listened to the earnings release and then went to this place called Johnny Utah's for a couple of celebratory drinks.

We all took today off and I just booked a flight to Orlando for the weekend. The Millsaps are going to Disneyworld for the weekend, so I decided to meet up with them there.

Rob and Kathryn will be in NYC next week and one month from today Kellyn gets married!

I will post pictures from all of the above as soon as I can!

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Janis said...

It was nice to have you home. The shower was very nice and it was good to see everyone. Am looking forward to your next trip home. Love you