Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Again, a break in my chronological posting for a "real-time" post. Well, somewhat real-time - today is Tuesday and these pictures were taken on Sunday. On Saturday afternoon it started snowing in NYC (and all along the east coast) and it snowed all night long. I was out Saturday during the day, and it was lightly snowing in the early afternoon, but by the time I went out to get dinner on Saturday night it was blizzard like conditions. There were barely any people out walking around, which is very unlike NYC.

This is what it looked like outside of my window on Sunday morning when I woke up.
I decided to leave my apartment early (9am) and go for a walk in Central Park. When I left my apartment the streets had not yet fully been plowed so the buses weren't running, and there were very few taxis out driving around. It was kind of an eerie feeling with the streets so empty, but it was kind of neat too. This is 81st Street.

Central Park - again, not too many people were out yet.
The kids were all having fun sledding, and I saw a few people cross-country skiing through the Park.

All these dogs were at The Boathouse - they got left out in the snow while their owner's were eating breakfast :(
This is usually a lake - not this day. There was a sign up that said "thin ice."

All the ducks were putting their head under water and swimming around - I would have been freezing if I was in that water!

I ended up walking to midtown to see the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center. I thought there would be more snow on it but maybe the lights melt it off?

It was pretty on Sunday, but by Monday afternoon the snow was all dirty and gross.

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Janis said...

It was so pretty and after Christmas when you got back it was all gone.