Thursday, December 10, 2009

October AZ Trip

As promised in this post, here are some picture from some past events. I went home for a few days the first of October for Kellyn's Bridal Shower. Here is a short itinerary of my trip:

September 30 - Flight out of JFK at 6:30am. Caught a cab around 4am, and I thought the cats would be tired and would sleep. Wrong. They were very loud in the cab ride but quieted down and slept on the plane. I think they were happy to be back in Arizona. Picked up my Grandma Hazel for lunch at La Grande Orange. We had tuna salad sandwiches and shared a cupcake. Met Scott, Julie and Brady for dinner at Oregano's - it was Brady's 6-month birthday so we had a pizzookie to celebrate.

October 1 - Got up at 5:45am for an early morning Camelback hike with Jenn. It was so nice to be back on that mountain. Watched Brady for a couple of hours while Julie ran some errands. Thursday night was dinner with my parents at Chart House compliments of KPMG. Given that I had been working so many hours and given that my vacation was cut short, the partner that I was working for told me to take my parents to a nice dinner while I was there.

October 2 - Not too much of an exciting day. Ran around getting decorations and food for the shower.

October 3 - Spent the morning getting ready for the shower. Shower was at 2pm. After the shower I went to see Jason and Lauren's new house and hung out with them for the night. Pictures of the shower will follow in the next post, and I have no pictures from my night with J&L.

October 4 - Church in the morning. Say good-bye to Otis and Sam for a month. Flight at 3pm. Trip is over :(

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Janis said...

I miss you and Otis and Sam