Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Gotta Feeling...

For the second time, Mr. and Mrs. Coby Hiatt. Rob Wagner was the MC, and they were announced to the Black Eyed Peas, I Gotta Feeling.
Doing my third (and probably final) Maid of Honor toast.
Kellyn and Coby do not like cake, so instead of wedding cake, they had pizzookies from Oregano's.

The bouquet toss was done with Beyonce's All the Single Ladies playing in the background. I was more excited about the song than catching the bouquet. I kept suggesting this song to Kellyn (as well as the garter song) and she kept saying that she was not going to do it. I was happy to hear it come on!

Kyle caught the garter. The guys song was Justin Timberlake and Sexy Back.
Doing a little Cha Cha Slide...
and the train.
Oops...forgot to take a picture of the shoes. Good thing we got this before Kellyn and Coby left.

...that tonight's gonna be a good, good night.

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Janis said...

I don't even remember them leaving. Don't know what I was doing. Anyway it was a good good night.