Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Rest of the Trip...

The main purpose of my November AZ trip was obviously Kellyn's wedding. But, I was there for two weeks so I had plenty of time to do other things as well. Those were things like...

sitting in the sun with Otis (I had Otis and Sam in AZ since I was going to be there for so long),
lunch with Lauren,
seeing Zoe sleeping in odd places,
family dinners,
hanging out with Brady (and Scott and Julie too),
taking Christmas card pictures (this was one of the pictures my parents used in their Christmas card since we are all now Sun Devil alumni),
dinner with friends
from the MAT days (thanks Aubrey for having us over and cooking),
seeing friends I have known since 3rd grade,
having an early Thanksgiving dinner,
and dessert,
playing games with my cousins,
watching some football,
doing puzzles,
and dancing with Colby and Jen to Hannah Montana.
I also had lots of lunches with Grandma at La Grande Orange, hiked Camelback with Rob and Kathryn, met Blake and had lunch with Jenn and Jaime, saw a movie and had a great night with Julie and spent lots of time with Mom, Dad, Kyle and Kellyn. I also celebrated my 30th birthday, which will be the next post. Such a good trip!

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Janis said...

When are you coming home for two weeks again--love having you home.