Sunday, May 23, 2010

Christmas in Arizona

I flew back to Arizona from December 21 - 26 for Christmas. It was always too short of a trip, as usual.

I met some friends for dinner at Hanny's Restaurant - Paul, Kelly, Jaime, Jenn, Me, Bob and Allison
We had Christmas Eve at my parents house - Cannon, Shane and Colby
Rob, Kathryn, Kevin and Jocelyn
Me and Kellyn
Dad and Mom
Dad and Rob
Me and Leila
Santa getting his clothes on
Santa brought gifts for everyone - Coby
Roger and Betty
Kevin and Jocelyn
Kathryn (she even got a kiss!)

Dad found Grandma Lois's original yearbook on eBay.
The great-grandkids - Cannon and Leila
Horton Grandkids
Christmas morning with Mom, Dad, Kellyn and Coby. Kyle, we missed you!

The Balmer Christmas dinner - also at Mom and Dad's
Me and Grandma

The Balmer Grandkids (and great-grandkid Leslie)

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Janis said...

Christmas is almost here again. Great pics and since when does Santa get dressed in the office?