Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dad's Spring Trip to NYC

Dad was here from April 27th through May 4th. He just hung out with Otis and Sam while I was working, but some fun highlights were as follows:

On Wednesday night he came with me to the Trinity Grace Ronald McDonald House Missional Community. On the last Wednesday of every month, we serve dinner to the families staying at the RMH. This little girl has been there the last couple of times, please be praying for her.

On Thursday night, we made a trip to Costco, and then went to Dad's favorite restaurant, Hi Life. I like it too.

Friday night we went to Times Square and saw The Million Dollar Quartet. I got pooped on by a bird and we missed the bomb scare by about 24 hours.
On our way back to my apartment, we ran into this group singing in the subway station. They were singing hymns, so we stopped to watch, but Dad started singing along with them. One of the guys in the group came and talked to us - they were from an Amish community in Holmes County, Ohio.
We are on the M79 bus here. Dad loves riding buses in NYC.
On Saturday morning we slept in for a while and then we rented bikes and spent the afternoon in Central Park. These were the last of the tulips (they are all gone now).

On Sunday we got up early and drove to Springfield, MA (about 2 hours north of the City) to go to the Basketball Hall of Fame.
Dad shot some free throws.
I dunked.

We saw all the "enshrinees."

And some Pumps from the 1990s.

On Sunday night we went to Hi Life again. This was on the walk back to my apartment - Dad's favorite show.
The End.

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Janis said...

I will pray for Ylaria--she looks so happy in the pictures. Like the pics of dad's trip. I will be there shortly. Love you