Friday, March 25, 2011

Christmas Trip to AZ

I was in AZ for Christmas from December 17th-29th. It was a nice long trip home - although my trips there always go by too fast. Here are some highlights...

Colby and Otis. Since I was home for a good length of time, I brought Otis and Sam with me.
Dinner with the Greens. Kellyn and I had them over for dinner at her house. Such a good night of catching up.
Caitlin and Kellyn.
Aaryn, Nikki and I.
I visited with Mikele one night. No pictures with her, but I did get one with Miles and Kate.
I drove the Grandma's around Scottsdale/Phoenix one night to look at Christmas lights.
Cruzer, Mom and Kellyn came too.
I had brunch with Jaime and Blake at La Grande Orange.
I took the cats outside every once in a while - they don't get to sit outside in NYC so I figured some fresh air and sun would be good for them.
I had dinner with Scott, Julie and Brady at True Foods at Scottsdale Quarter. We attempted to go to Railroad Park to ride the train but the line was way too long.
Dinner with Montana and Aubrey at True Foods at the Biltmore.
And dinner at True Foods with Lauren followed by a "slumber party" since Jason was out of town.

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