Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cold Spring Hike

Yesterday I went with some friends to hike near Cold Spring which is in the Hudson River Valley. It is about an hour ride on Metro North to get there. We arrived there at 11am, but we had to walk about a mile (most of it along a highway with a narrow shoulder) to get to the trail start.
The path we did was called Breakneck Ridge. This is the most difficult trail (and there were parts where it felt like you were scaling the side of a mountain).
The views were amazing...much better than Camelback.
It was also perfect weather yesterday for hiking - about 60 degrees and sunny.
Zach - a friend from church.
We were along the Hudson River and could see the Hudson most of the time.
This is the highway we hiked...fortunately we did not have to walk the highway back. We met a nice older couple and they offered to give us a ride back to the train station.

This is the Breakneck Ridge lookout point.

We climbed this to get to the second lookout, Sunset Point.

The leaves were all changing.
We climbed this as well.

On the way back, we were looking for another trail but we couldn't find it. We found this old building instead.
I love hiking...I would do this mountain every Saturday if it was a little closer.

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Mom said...

Very pretty--but some of the pictures look like you were vey close to the edge. Looks like fun and you are right the view is much prettier than Camelback.