Sunday, October 30, 2011

New York Botanical Garden

Today I went to the New York Botanical Garden again. It was another Pfizer corporate day, so I decided to take advantage of the free tickets. We debated as to whether or not to go, since we had the October blizzard in the northeast yesterday. But, today was in the mid-40s and sunny, so it ended up being a nice day (compared to yesterday - I would have preferred it to be about 30 degrees warmer).

This is a real pumpkin...grown in Pennsylvania.
One of the huge pumpkins cut in half.

I thought this one was neat.

A pumpkin caterpillar - kind of weird seeing pumpkins and snow.

A little pumpkin house - I went with two friends from church - Jennifer and Dina.
The special event was "Fall Flowers of Japan" and the remaining pictures were taken in that exhibit.

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shanna said...

just beautiful! thanks for sharing....andI wont tell you we are still wearing shorts and short sleeves:) even at night!