Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dad's December Trip to NYC 2011

Dad was in NYC from December 9th through December 14th. Here are some highlights of what we did.

Friday night - Dinner at Bareburger in the Village and then walked to Washington Square Park because Dad had never seen this arch.
Dad also wanted rice pudding so we walked to Rice to Riches from the park. We made a stop at The Tea Spot as well.

Saturday night we saw a Broadway show. We went down to Times Square around 3pm to get in line at the TKTS booth to get tickets. We had a couple of hours so we came back to my apartment for dinner. I thought this picture was funny...I don't really have a table in my apartment so this is how dad ate most of his meals.

This was a fun show...not at the top of my list of Broadway shows, but not on the bottom of my list either.

Monday night we went ice skating at Citi Pond. I had never been ice skating at any of the rinks in NYC.

I don't think Dad really enjoyed it too much, and I thought it was ok.

Tuesday night we saw Spiderman Turn Off the Dark - GREAT show!
Wednesday morning we went to the 9/11 Memorial. On September 11th of this year they opened the two memorial pools. Each pool is in the footprint of the North and South WTC tower, and the names of everyone killed on 9/11 are inscripted around the pools.

This is the new Freedom Tower in the background.

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mini and brother said...

You sure have a nice dad to visit and do all those fun things. Your blog makes me want to vacation in nyc:)