Saturday, December 3, 2011

How Did I Do On My Bucket List For 31?

Last year I created a "Bucket List for 31." Here is a review of how I did.

1. Run a timed 10k. I completed numerous runs while I was 31, including a 10k.
2. New Year's Eve in Times Square. Mom was in NYC for NYE last year, and we did spend it in Times Square. I never blogged about it, so here are some pictures.

We left my apartment at about noon, and arrived in Times Square by 12:45pm. We got to what we thought was our spot, and this was the time on the countdown clock (10 hours and 40 minutes). After a couple of hours of standing in what was a pretty decent spot (we could actually see a stage), we were forced by the NYPD to move an entire block north. This took forever, and we ended up in a spot which was not as good as our original location.
This is the crowd we stood in for about 12 hours. We couldn't move...and no, there were no bathrooms. We were not drinking anything. was midnight. It was a long time of standing could barely hear the singers, and they did not project any of the broadcasters through Times Square.
Decked out in our gear. I am glad I can say I did this, but would NEVER do it again.

3. Ride in the 5-borough bike ride. Fail...didn't happen.

4. Scrapbook 2009 and 2010. I really thought I would be more efficient doing digital scrapbooking, but I was a little over-zealous in this goal. 2009 is almost done, and 2010 will be up next.

5. Walk every street in the 80s from the East River to the Hudson. Nope, didn't happen. I walked a lot of Manhattan, but not specifically these streets.

6. Learn all the features on my camera. I upgraded to a Sony Nex 5 in April. Kellyn and Coby bought this camera for Christmas last year, and I really liked it because it had a small body but was a DSLR. I have learned quite a bit about photography this year, mostly from my friend Mike Anderson. I also signed up for a Grand Central Walking Tour photography class through Adorama, but was not impressed with this class. The instructor didn't do any instructing...he just told us to go take pictures so I don't really know what the point of the class was.
7. Focus on living my life rather than building my life. I have definitely had a lot more time on my hands this last year given the change in jobs so I was able to have more of a "life." I am looking forward to 2012 when I will hopefully be returning to AZ and can live life with the people I love most.

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