Saturday, May 19, 2012


This morning my mom and I drove out to Queen Creek to go to the Peach Festival at Schnepf Farm. We arrived a little before 8am and it was already really busy at the farm. The peaches were nice and ripe. I probably ate at least 5, if not closer to 8, peaches this morning while we were picking. I also ended up with 8.5 pounds of peaches - looking forward to eating them and making some peach cobbler!

 I also picked a couple of these yellow zucchini squash - so big...and fresh!

 My produce from the morning. The carrots and beets were pre-picked - I bought those at the market.
After the farm we stopped by the Queen Creek Olive Mill and I bought some roasted garlic olive oil and some lemon olive oil. We then stopped at The Pork Shop which was up the street to pick up something for my dad. The family of one of my co-workers owns that place so he said to make sure to stop. His last name is Combs, and I didn't realize that everything out near this pork shop was all named Combs...Combs Road, Combs Middle School and even Combs Unified School District.

Great morning, and I love supporting the local farms. I can't wait to buy a house and have my own garden!

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Mikele said...

You should have stopped by.... But I guess I'll wait until you can swing by w/ cobbler.