Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Wheels

After moving back to Arizona from NYC, one of the things on my list to buy was a car. I kept my Jetta for about a year after moving to NYC, but sold that in February 2010. I really wanted a hard top convertible, and when I was here for the Chang's half in January I sat in a BMW 328i convertible and I loved it. I decided to look for a Certified Pre-Owned, and wanted a 2009 with about 30,000 miles. I was also very specific on colors - white, silver or gray exterior, with black interior. I also wanted a non-sport package - the sport package had the larger wheels and made the car look like it was sitting low to the ground. Given my specifications, I was having a lot of trouble finding a car in AZ. I decided to expand my search to other states (good thing for flight benefits!) and found a car that I liked in Southern California. I talked to the internet salesperson for about a week, and decided to fly out there a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday. 

When dad and I arrived at the dealership, I found what I thought was the car right away but this was in the window. I was immediately frustrated, because I had talked to the dealership the night before stating that I was flying out the next morning and I wanted to confirm that the car was still available. This was 5:30pm on Saturday night, and yes, it was still available. 
Once we found a salesperson, they did a lot of running back and forth, allowed me to take the car for a test drive and we started negotiating. I never heard anything more about this sold sign, but decided to not bring it up.
 It's mine!

 We stopped at Farrell's in Rancho Cucomonga for a late lunch, before driving the car back to AZ (no, we didn't drive all the way home with the top down).

Thanks to my dad for going over with me and helping me with some of the negotiations.


mini and brother said...

That car is beautiful and u look so cool driving it. Personally, I prefer a 2006 Blue KIA minivan;)

Janis said...

Nice car and so much fun!!!

shanna said...

Very cool. looks great.