Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cabin Day Trip

Today my mom, dad and Grandma Hazel were driving up for the day to the Hiatt's cabin in Happy Jack, AZ. I didn't have plans and had never been before, so I decided to go up for the day with them. We left Phoenix at about 7:45am this morning...goal was 7am, but we couldn't get on the road without a Starbucks stop.

On the way up we stopped at a local honey shop in Pine and I bought AZ local honey, peach butter and BBQ sauce. Wish I took some pictures but left my phone in the car.

We arrived at the cabin right at about 11am. We ate breakfast there, and then took Cruzer for a walk to see a couple of his siblings that still live up there. We then pretty much spent the afternoon on the porch, in sweatshirts, with blankets and a fire burning.
It rained in the afternoon for about an hour, and poured for probably a good 20 minutes. It was so refreshing to listen to the rain. The thunder was pretty loud too.
 Cruzer thinks he is a person and needed a chair for himself.
We stayed for dinner, and I found a recipe for honey mustard veggie kabobs.
Grandma, MaryAnn and Jim visiting on the patio before dinner.
I also made quinoa to go with the kabobs.
It was a great day. I decided that having a cabin up north would be kind of nice :)
Thanks to the Hiatts for having us.
And I am so thankful for every day that we get to continue to have Grandma Hazel here with us.

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