Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Day 2013

Thanksgiving morning started out with heading to the Kruckenbergs to ride with them to do the Phoenix Turkey Trot 5k. This was the second year that I have done this race, and last year I actually ran into them at the race, but I had only been going to New City for a couple of weeks so I barely knew them.

Cute turkey hair bows that Gina made for Faith and Bella.
The kids ran the 1-mile kids dash.
Gina and I at the finish line. My time was 25:01 which is an 8:03 min/mile. I can't seem to break the 8 min/mile pace. Brian, Gina and I were all either 7th or 8th place in our age groups.
After the run I came home and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. But watching on TV is not the same as being there. I then made a pumpkin pie to take to my parents for Thanksgiving Dinner. This year's Thanksgiving kind of came together at the last minute. We were originally planning to go to Kevin and Jocelyn's, however, that was kind of up in the air as Jocelyn's mom had been in the hospital for a while. Wednesday Kevin came down with the flu, so that afternoon the group Thanksgiving was cancelled. Mom and Dad also could not host a huge Thanksgiving this year as Grandma Hazel had not been doing well for approximately a week prior to Thanksgiving. Also, since the previous Sunday, she really wasn't doing well. However, on Wednesday she rallied a bit so we thought maybe she would be up for Thanksgiving dinner. I was at Trader Joe's on Wednesday night, so decided to pick up a turkey as their's were not frozen and they were hormone and antibiotic-free. On Wednesday night and Thursday morning my dad kind of planned out a meal and invited Randy and Todd, Jennifer and Colby over.

Grandma was doing well again on Thursday and wanted to go outside so we took her for a short walk around the block with Cruzer.
All the spices I used for the pumpkin pie - I made this recipe from a few years ago.
I also made a butternut squash and apple soup that I found online.
The recipe called for Camembert cheese - I just thought it was neat packaging.
The final presentation of the soup - recipe here.
The turkey.
The group ready to eat - Todd, Jen, Colby, Kyle, Grandma Hazel, Kellyn, Coby, Mom and Dad.
We were all so happy that Grandma was feeling well enough to eat at the table with us all. We love her.
Kellyn and Grandma
Me and Grandma
Lauren and Grandma having a little pumpkin pie. When we asked Grandma if she wanted pie she said "Of course!"
Thanksgiving was good because Grandma was there, and if it had been 24 hours prior she would not have been sitting at the table with us. Right now, we are thankful for each day that we have with her.

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Mom said...

It was a very nice Thanksgiving. I am glad grandma was feeling good that day because it has been downhill since.