Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

This New Year's Eve was spent at Tim's house with a group of old and new friends. We started the night by doing a little picture scavenger hunt around town. There was a list of items that you had to get a photo of, as well as a list of items you needed to retrieve and bring back. 

The item on the list with the most points was a bedpan. My team decided to go to the hospital to try to get this pic. We first went in the main entrance, and they told us to go to ER (we didn't want to go there first as we didn't know how busy they would be and our little scavenger hunt wouldn't be at the top of their priority list). It actually wasn't too busy, but they said it would be a few min. I told the rest of my team I would wait there for it and call them once I had the pic so they could go somewhere else and get things crossed off the list. It ended up not taking too long for them to get this…and they assured me it was unused :) We were the only team who got a pic with an actual bedpan. 
After I got the pic, I called my team and they were just down the street at CVS. I checked on my phone, and it said it was only 0.2 miles away, so I decided to run there (probably not the smartest idea given the area of town we were in). But I made it and we got this pic of a team member shaking hands with a stranger.
One of the other items on the list was eating a churro as well as kissing a stranger. If you got two photos in one pic then the points were multiplied together. This was our attempt at Filliberto's, however, the jury said that I wasn't actually kissing they guy…which I will give to them. Since we lost the product of points, my team didn't have a chance at winning.
Had to get a picture in front of a church…this works.
And at a playground.
As well as at a stadium or ballpark. This is just a few of our pics from the scavenger hunt…there were a lot more. It was a fun idea…I always like a little competition.

Group pictures…Me, Steve, Erin, Dave, Susan, Tim C., Devina, Michael, Shelley and Tim W.
Tim Clark brought sparklers for everyone. After we watched the ball drop in Times Square, we had a little fun with the sparklers.

I ended up coming home at 12:45am. Today is rough since I am not used to staying up so late anymore :)

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