Saturday, January 25, 2014

P.F. Chang's Half Marathon 2014

This was my 3rd year of running the Chang's half marathon, and my 4th half marathon in total. For some reason, I was not at all motivated to train this year. I think I just get bored running in Phoenix - I really got hooked on running when I was living in NYC and I truly believe there is not better place to live if you are a runner. Central Park is the best place to run.

My compression socks…can't really tell a difference when I run with these, other than I think they look cool.
Kathryn and I - we are thinking of doing a Disney Run next year to switch things up a bit.
I was at the front of the corral this year. 

In the future I am going to try to always get at the front of the corral.
This year they made the finish at Tempe Beach Park. In the past it had been in front of Sun Devil Stadium. With that change, they had to also change the course slightly - we did a little detour at 64th Street and McDowell up and down a hill. It wasn't bad but it also wasn't fun to do a hill at mile 9. 
I beat my PR by 7 minutes with a time of 1:48:03. I felt good for the first 10k, and miles 7 and 8 were my most difficult (I think it was because I was anticipating the hill). Once I finished mile 9, I felt good the rest of the way. And I was happy with my time too.

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