Monday, April 28, 2014

Kellyn's Baby Shower

We had Kellyn's baby shower this last Saturday, April 26th. Since mom hasn't sold Grandma Hazel's house, we decided to do it there…we were definitely missing having her there with us that day.

I did a little picture area - this is Coby and Kellyn as babies.
Kellyn loves the color yellow, so I made it a rubber duck theme to incorporate the yellow with the blue. I floated rubber ducks on the water, and we also had Pellegrino and blueberry sparkling water from Trader Joe's.
The food table. Since the shower was at 2pm, we just had snack type food.
I saw these marshmallows on Pinterest so decided to make them. No one ate any (I didn't expect that they would), so Kellyn took them to her first graders.
We let everyone chat for a while as they ate, and they also worked on the travel book. Mom bought a scrapbook and I took a picture of each person with Kellyn at the shower. I asked each person to write where the baby should travel and why he should travel to that location. I am going use the Dr. Seuss book "Oh the Places You'll Go" as the theme for the scrapbook when I put it together.

Gifts were next. While Kellyn was opening gifts, everyone wrote down when they think baby Hiatt will arrive. Have to wait to see who wins that game.

This baby will be born at home (hence the shirt).
Jessica made this cute height tracking chart.
A "Little Prince" piggy bank.
I found these Vans at Nordstrom Rack and couldn't not get them.
Since we had a lot of people at this shower who were more on the healthy side, we decided to do a blueberry smoothie bar for dessert instead of a cake.
The smoothies consisted of blueberries, banana, honey, coconut milk, water and ice.
They were a hit and everyone loved them.
The traditional homeschool picture that we do whenever we all get together. We were missing Rita and Aaryn here - they had already left.
The homeschool moms. Or grandmas I guess we should call them now :)
Kellyn with her homeschool friends - this group of friends has known each other since the late 80s.
Kellyn and the 2 new grandmas.
Grandmas and Aunts.
Me, Kellyn and Mom. Thanks mom for all your help with the shower.
Mom made these "brewing" teabags to give to people when they left.
Now we just wait for a few more weeks :)

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