Thursday, October 1, 2015

Woods Canyon Lake

A couple of weeks ago a group from my church was going up to Woods Canyon Lake for the day. The original plan was to go to a lake near Happy Jack, so I had told Kellyn about it since that is where Coby's family cabin is located. The location was changed due to a road or lake closure, but we still decide to go. 

Fueling up for the drive to Payson with the best coffee from LGO.
The plan was to kayak for the day. The guy who organized the trip coordinated renting these kayaks from somewhere in Phoenix and getting them up to the lake. They are inflatable, and someone even pumped up our kayak for us.
It was a gorgeous day on the lake.
I was not thinking and didn't put sunscreen on my shins. They were so burned from being in the direct sun like this for a couple of hours...they are still peeling two weeks later :(
Great upper body workout day.

We kayaked to the end of the lake one way, and then to the other end of the lake the other direction.

After we finished kayaking, we took a hike to the rim.

We left the lake around 4pm and were home by 6pm. It was a great day trip!

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