Saturday, November 28, 2015

Turkey Day 2015

This Thanksgiving Day was another year of continued traditions with friends and family. My morning started early with the Turkey Day 5k in downtown Phoenix.
This was my 4th year running it. The first year I ran with Kellyn, Kathryn and Heather and we ran into the Kruckenberg's and every year since I have run with the Kruck's. 

Bella and Kylie dressed as Indian princesses.
Amy, Gina and I. None of us were really in running shape this year...we still work out - hiking, hot yoga, BODI - just hadn't been running. So, we made turkey bows and wore tutu's instead. If we weren't going to run fast, we were going for the fashion show. Gina texted me the morning of the race and said bows and tutu's required more makeup than usual. My response was that usually I wore no makeup for this race, but this year had actually put on makeup.
Ready for the race to start!
Amy, Kylie and I ran together the majority of the race. Kylie said "I told myself I wasn't going to walk this year" and she didn't! Amy noticed the last photographer, so we posed for him to take some pictures. 
My time this year was 31:25, which translates into a 10:07 min/mile. Not fast by any means.
After the run we went back to the Kruckenberg's for Thanksgiving brunch. Brian set up a TV outside so we could watch the Macy's parade while we hung out.

Amy made a gluten free quiche...
...and so did Gina.
Brian was our barista again this year.
Some of the group sitting by the fire. It was actually a cold Phoenix day.
Gina and Eli.
After brunch I came home and made a Brussels sprout dish to take to Kevin & Jocelyn's for the family Thanksgiving dinner.
I made this same dish last year, but it took me forever to find the recipe. So, linking it here in case I need it in the future.
Mom's Pinterest veggie turkey creation.
A canvas Jocelyn had hanging up - need to remember this.

Mom made cake-filled teepees for everyone. Uriah enjoyed his.

Uriah also enjoyed playing football with the big boys.
Kellyn brought over the espresso machine that we used for the Rust Family Reunion this past summer. After being closed since June, Rustbucks was again open for business.
It was a good Thanksgiving day, other than the fact that I started not feeling well Thursday night. Was going to #optoutside on Friday, but spent the day watching movies and taking naps instead (and that has continued into today).

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