Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Europe 2016 - Mörsdorf, Wierschem and Kirchheimbolanden

Wednesday morning Allen went into work for a while so I slept in again (I think I was over jet lag after this day) and then went for a run around Allen's village. Allen came home just before lunch but he needed to do one more thing at work so I went to the base with him. This was my first time ever on a military base.
We then went to walk across the longest rope suspension bridge in Germany. It was a pretty recent build, as it had just opened at the end of 2015. This picture is describing the bridge (in German) but it is located over the Geirlay canyon and approximately 300 feet above the canyon floor.
We parked and then walked about a half mile to the bridge.

This picture doesn't do justice for showing depth - it seemed MUCH higher than this.
Allen taking in the view after we had crossed - now we just have to go back.

After we finished at the bridge, we hurried to get to Eltz Castle in Wierschem. Allen kept telling me how amazing this castle was, but I didn't expect anything like...
It was such an amazing view and looked just like a fairytale.
Unfortunately the inside of the castle was closed, but we were able to walk around the outside.

I will just have to go back to Germany with this on my list of things to do and get there a little earlier to go inside. Of all the castles I saw during my trip, this one was by far my favorite.
On the way home we had dinner in a town called Kirchheimbolanden. Allen did a walking tour of this town previously so that is how he knew about the town.
Allen ordered a traditional German dish...schnitzel.
The name of the restaurant where we had dinner. We were the only ones in the restaurant with one other family. Most Germans tend to stay in and cook at home.
The town square.
This town's claim to fame is the fact that Mozart played a concert there so there were streets named after him.

The church were Mozart played at 22 years old.
By the time we got back to Allen's place it was almost 10pm. Another good day in the books!

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