Thursday, June 30, 2016

Europe 2016 - Münster and Cochem

After leaving Brussels, we arrived in Münster on Monday night around 8:30pm. Allen had already reserved a hotel, so we checked in and fortunately there was a tapas restaurant, Bar Celona, right below the hotel. We had dinner and caught up for a bit but went to bed soon after as Allen was doing a 30km Viking Run on Tuesday morning. This is something that those in the Dutch military are required to complete, and they invite other countries to join them.

I slept in on Tuesday morning and then googled top things to do in Münster. One of the top hits was to walk around Lake Aasee. So, I decided to run it instead. These are some pictures from my run.

While I was running, I had to dodge all the bikers and there were bikes parked everywhere too. I just read online that Münster is known as the bicycle capital of Germany.

Breakfast after my run. I had quiche and a cappuccino. It took me a bit of walking around to find something to eat - pastries are popular for breakfast in Germany, and I wanted eggs. The quiche was good, but I thought it was just spinach and there was hidden smoked salmon included as well.
A view of the restaurant...and more bikes.
After breakfast and walking around, I came back to the hotel to wait for Allen to come back from his run. He arrived soon after I got back to the hotel, and we checked out and put our stuff in the car and walked around Münster for a couple of hours.

We left Münster and headed back toward Schallodenbach, which is where Allen lives. Allen drove for about an hour, but he was tired from only getting 6 hours of sleep and then running 18 miles. So, I had my rookie drive behind the wheel on the autobahn. It wasn't too stressful - Siri told me where to go while Allen took a nap. The only thing I had to watch out for were Audi's and BMW's flying past me if I wanted to change lanes.
On the way home, we stopped in a quaint little town called Cochem.
This is the Moselle River, and it flows through France, Luxembourg and Germany.
The stairwell was well decorated.

Views from the castle.

Knight in shining armor.

On Tuesday night we had dinner in Beilstein... a place called Hotel Gute.
This was probably my favorite dinner. Spargel (white asparagus) was in season while I was in Germany and it was delicious.

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