Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kellyn and Coby's Baby Reveal #2

Two weeks ago on October 2, Kellyn and Coby hosted a family get-together for baby reveal #2. They had found out the gender of the baby the Monday prior, so this was a reveal for everyone else.
Team Pink - I was originally going to choose blue, however, Uriah (or more so my mom) derailed me into picking a pink necklace. On Saturday morning I stopped at my parents house after BODI and Uriah had spent the night. We were outside doing bubbles and talking about the baby reveal. I made the comment that Uriah doesn't know what is about to happen and he is going to have a wake up call when he is not the only little prince anymore...he is my sister's first child, and he is the only grandchild on both sides of the family so you can only imagine the attention he receives (through no fault of his own). My mom told me to "ask him what is in his mommy's tummy" so I did and he responded "baby sister." My mom said that Uriah had just been saying that all week, so I was thinking that Kellyn and Coby told him thinking he wouldn't repeat it. Alas, I went with Uriah's advice of a "sister."

Uriah getting ready to open the box and thinking what is this?!?!
Play by play of the box opening to follow in the next series of pictures...

It's a BOY!

Uriah gets a baby brother :)
Cake pops that were blue inside.

Soon to be family of 4!
We also got to write down a name...I won't say on here what I chose in case it is a winner :)

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