Sunday, June 4, 2017

Uriah's 3rd Birthday

Today, June 4th, is Uriah's 3rd Birthday, but we celebrated yesterday with a train-themed pool party.
Grandpa and Owen - Owen is the most laid back, mellow baby

This is the boy that made me an aunt - he will always have a special place in my heart. I think he is the sweetest.
Warming up after being in the pool - yes, even in 100+ temps in AZ it still gets cold in the pool :)

Kellyn and I made this cake based on a Pinterest post. The Pinterest cake we followed was done by a professional, but we thought our cake turned out pretty well. We were happy it wasn't a #PinterestFail.
Uriah eating his food colored frosting - I guess you can do this once a year on your birthday.
Uriah and his friends - Ava, Matthew and Elijah
Opening gifts

Owen was awake for maybe the first hour of the party, but this is how he spent the rest of the day - napping and swinging.
The years go by so fast and I can't believe Uriah is already 3! But am thankful I get to see him often and watch him grow up. I love you Uriah.

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